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Ham radio is a great hobby! Welcome to www.m6ceb.co.uk Thanks for stopping by! This a personal website about my interests including amateur radio, cats and music. I have just started my website so I currently only have amateur radio sections at the moment but please keep checking back for further updates. Please feel free to contact me via email as I am happy to answer any questions you may have. To enter my ham radio pages please click Ham Radio above, Check out my what is ham radio page and my radio scanners.my suit My name is Matt and my ham radio call sign is m6ceb I work full time in a print room for a large insurance company and have done for about 3 years now before this I used to work for a charity for the homeless. We have been having some problems with our site and I thank you for your understanding. We will be back to normal very soon! **UPDATE** I have sorted it so all should be OK now thanks for your patience with these changes. I started this website in January what is binary options south africa 2010 after a work colleague of mine started his own website, he said to me why not give it a go...so I did and here it is. I have put in countless hours on this website and am a complete novice; I have had no previous experience with Web Design or creating websites! m6ceb.co.uk is really a labour of love for me and I have really enjoyed this experience and will continue to update this site on a weekly basis. I really do hope you enjoy your visit and please do get in touch with any suggestions or improvements my email address is: matt@m6ceb.co.uk or visit my contact page. I wanted to write a bit of an update, this website is nearing its 1st birthday now and I have worked really hard to make the site what it is today. I want to say a HUGE thanks to all my visitors for visiting I really appreciate it! This website is all about my interest in ham radio, I got my foundation licence in August 2009 and I am still currently at the foundation level but I am doing bits of revision here and there so that I can move “up the ranks” within the hobby.

There is so much to learn with this hobby, you never quite finish it is such a huge subject and can be very technical but is a really satisfying hobby to be involved with. My interest started when I was a young lad when my father bought me a radio scanner and I have been hooked ever since I also have owned many CB radio’s too but I found CB radio very uncivilized so ham radio is the way to go! Please check out my brand new gallery we have a for sale and wanted section in the ham radio forum and lots of info that you might be interested in, please register on the forum and join in and say hello in the welcome room. I have just added the gallery and forum so please do have a good look around and see what you think if you have any suggestions at all then please contact me. Want to get the latest ham radio news? then please check out my news page!

Please have a really good look around my site I have loads of information on the hobby and some shack pictures and even pictures of my wedding.  You can browse all of my pages via the main menu to the right and the menu across the top; you can always get to my “home page” by clicking the ham radio home button in the main menu. I also have done a review on the Kenwood TMG707 and the Puxing PX-888 I have just added a review for the Yaesu FT-8900R If you are interested in radio scanners then please check out my Realistic Pro 2042 Review! I have added a review for the Palstar PS-30M power supply. If you want a great cheap handheld scanner then maybe the Realistic Pro 29 is for you!

When I started this website I only had amateur radio pages and I am now looking to expand the site to encompass other interests such as cats and music.  I also have a Blog Please put me in your favourites and come back soon!

I absolutely love designing websites! I have quite a few :) please take a look at the links section on the right where you can have a look at my other creations! Do you have a website? Then why not submit your website to my link directory!

I have now updated the site with Amateur Radio Articles and vidoes and also for those interested in early 90’s rave music I have put some of my favourite old skool rave, these can be found in the blog section at the top right of this website so please feel free to take a look at the new additions!

 mobile radio

I really enjoy updating this site with more and more features; I have got some great news! Kayleigh and I are having our first child! Our new baby boy is due at the beginning of February so we are really excited and I can’t wait to become a dad for the first time! If you would like to see Kayleighs blog about how she is getting on then please visit her Beauty life and babies blog by clicking the link over there in the links section on the right.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view my website I know that the World Wide Web is a BIG place. If you have any suggestions for my site or found anything that doesn’t work I would really appreciate your input you can contact me via email. Check out my ''About this website'' and ''About me'' Please feel free to create an account to receive newsletters and gain access to more areas. This site is growing all the time so please keep checking back! **UPDATE** new pages added to ham radio section! Including my station. I have just added some hand held two way radios!

If you want to write an article for m6ceb.co.uk then I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch and send me an email


My wife is now pregnant with our first so the shack had to go, I have done the install myself and it took me a few hours to get it to look neat and tidy and I think it looks pretty good please take a look at my ham radio mobile page for some pics and let me know what you think.

The rig I have used is my Yaesu FT8900R quad band mobile radio and I bought a second hand mobile whip and also bought a separation kit from Honk Kong and it really finishes it off nicely.

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